Festival Events

Honoring of Guest of Ceremony

The festival will be opened with a special ceremony for the guest country, Arab Republic of Egypt , under the theme "Egypt's Civilizations", which will be attended by representatives of media, culture, arts and top art stars in Egypt in order to represent their country on a cultural and media night. The stars who were created in 2018 are honored with drama, Singing and presenting various reviews of Egyptian and Oriental civilization in an evening, a special event and a great media momentum at the level of the Arab world.

Arab Republic of Egypt 

Life Quality Forum 2020

On the sidelines of the festival, the quality of life forum, which discusses the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2020 and whose objectives have been established in 2018, will be significantly increased through technical, media and cultural changes that have opened up major areas for investors to invest in new and strong fields that meet the needs of the Saudi society and discuss all common objectives in all these sectors can an contribute to the revitalization of these aspects throughout the Arab world through this strong vision.

Audiovisual Production Market

Is a trade fair that brings together many official and private channels at the level of the Arab and international countries, satellite broadcasters, television and film production companies, theater companies, sound studios, artists, directors, major producers and distributors. This is a platform where experts and decision makers meet to invest in this field. A very important meeting for those interested in media investment, artistic production and film.

Best Special Production Award

The festival is organizing a prize for best work in the sector Special production in all cinematic artistic fields television, radio and documentaries to promote the sector and motivate them to engage in such ongoing activities these festivals are important and open to all Arab countries through the nomination of the festival to highlight these works and honoring the production bodies

Best documentary film Award 

The vision was not only open to the society in Saudi Arabia to open the cinema in a simple way, but also allowed the investors in this sector to expand significantly and briefly on the spread of cinemas and open the way for directors and producers to produce strong films as well as great opportunities for distributors of Saudi films to take advantage of this huge investment, Awarded the best film to present the Kingdom's vision after entering the cinema and awarding the best film to be presented at the festival.

Best documentary film about Saudi women's Driving in the Kingdom

The festival was not only limited on the best work in television and cinema, but award for the best documentary Movie highlights the most important event for women in Saudi Arabia is the driving of the car, which was waiting for women for many years until the decision came to give women the opportunity to   for driving was on 10/10/1439-26/6/2018 This year, it is an opportunity for creative people to produce a documentary Movie for the most important event for Saudi society.

Closing ceremony and awards

The festival concludes with the awards ceremony for the contestants and honoring the sponsors With the participation of a large number of stars, artists, directors, members of radio stations, channels and directors.